Phlebology: varicose veins and spider veins


The telangiectasias or spider veins become sclerotic at the end of the treatment (it is important to make the patient aware of this). It is highly recommended to start the treatment with the reticular varicose veins (greenish or bluish ones). The last ones are the ones that nourish and originate spider veins. In many cases, just treating “mother varicose veins” the telangiectasias improve or disappear by themselves.

The red telangiectasias generally have a hypertensive Schunt or have an arteriolar origin. To make them sclerotic specific medication is recommended. They present good evolution.


Perforating veins are those which communicate the superficial system with the deep one and take blood from the surface to the depth. When they become useles or “varicose” the gradient is inverted and the deep system goes to the superficial one. This can lead to venous ulcers or brown dermatitis (brownish skin). This type of conditions may be treated with specific sclerosants with good results, but we recommend a mini-incision surgery (microsurgery), the Eco sclerosis or the sclerosis guided with Eco doppler.